Fractured Compass

July 5, 2006

Two Voices

Filed under: Poems and Other Trifles — roundapple @ 2:50 pm


sibilants sound the bells,
herald the spit that speeds
away from smirked lips.
gutturals follow on
their heels, grudging
grief that hides its other
fricatives. should phonemes
be parallel to thought,
desire and anger then
would be palatal philo-
sophies from the cornered
mouth, wisdom punctuated
by glottal stops.


at midnight, the only sound
is the click of an un-
tutored finger that moves
like a metronome, typing
words who only whisper
their meaning if i make them
a part of my speech. only then
does a sliver of laughter
crack the air, disturbing
the smug room, ruffling
the linen which wraps silence
like two hands that love
each other, before settling
down to sleep, waiting
for the sound of dreams.



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